To an interesting year off 2020

The year has passed but the pandemic is still here. As I reflect on 2020…

It was a really interesting year… i found it relaxing and a year of realization and time of discovery.
I had already resigned from corporate job in mid 2019 and was taking a honeymoon year , my partner and i decided that we would go all out to celebrate our lives and there were so many occasions and events ahead of us.. so we took a 3 month break and would start of our career with a bang in 2020. So our holiday planned was Dec , Jan and Feb to celebrate Christmas, New Year, Valentines and Chinese New Year !! So, March was approaching, we were to launch our amazing career in the real estate industry. So we were hit by the big pandemic… our 3 month holiday became 6 months. Jeng Jeng Jeng… Oh well , what can you do right. Just live your life….

Well I spent my extended holiday, improving my online shopping skills and cooking skills. Also I guess I read a lot, went to the bookstore when it reopened and grabbed a stack of books, mostly on financial management and real estate. I know , i know…boring … but i really enjoyed them. You should try it…
Oh and i bought plants , lots of indoor plants… so many died… my partner keeps laughing at me and telling me how bad i am at plants, but trust me , she is a pot calling the kettle black. So my come back line to her is FOCUS ON THE ONES THAT LIVED AND THRIVED ! You need to have failures to have successes and at least u tried and tried again. Without trying again and again, you wouldn’t have success.

So most important thing is to keep looking forward and have your goals.. mini ones will do and those mini goals should help to achieve your big big goal. Keep strong everyone, everything will keep getting better if you don’t give up.


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