Disaster Resolutions

So what do you do at the end of the year ? Reflect on your year, count your blessings.. declare that you had a good a year or a bad year and you decide that you want to change this and that. You sit yourself down as you count down to the years end . You make your new year resolutions. Again !

And the the year has started ! ta-da

So as I did last year , I made a resolution, as I can barely remember what I resolved to do. I reflect and I squirm. Should I read what I wrote ? I knew at the bottom of my heart I did not do even half of those things… Nah…. I am not going to read and no one remind me what I have forgotten ! I am warning you.

Ahh so this year I resolve not to have another disappointing resolution. A wise man mentioned ( Yes, I am giving praise as I stole your phrase ) that, instead of having failed resolutions year after year and making overly ideal promises to yourself, why not just have a simple to do list. The list that will lead to your ultimate goal.

For Example, If I want to lose weight, instead of saying “I will lose 10kg” this year.
Have a list that is more doable, like go for a 10 lap swim once a week. Sign up for yoga once a week. And reflect weekly until you have a habit of reflections and awareness.
If we focus on developing habits then we wont need to reflect once a year and make resolutions that are hugely disappointing.

I will live life freely this year and do things that I want to do. I will be bold and direct and live for the moment ! Hmm… was that a resolution ? 😉



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