Whats the right passive income for me ?

I have been reading and researching on passive incomes and there are thousands out there but there seems to be just a few that is suitable for me. I have compiled a list that I believe that majority of people can do.

Here is my top 3 list and I will attempt them all and I will share with you my ups and downs. I grouped up some of the ideas that were given as the were similar in nature.

Group 1
Sell your own products on the internet with your own website ; Affiliate marketing and make sales; Build an Ecommerce store and drop ship; Network Marketing

Group 2
Invest in real estate; Rent out unused space with Airbnb; Invest in Reits

Group 3
Write a blog ; Buy a blog ; Create a blog and get affiliate links cranking

Side Note : I found this somewhere online
This guide will show how to make your first $1,000 from blogging. You’ll find access to our free Make 1k Challenge which is a free email course that walks through the steps to start your first blog and make your first $1,000.
(Disclaimer: I have not tried it , will let you know when I do)

After all that research, I realized that, to have passive income you need to be willing to provide 2 things ; which is an upfront monetary investment and time investment. And to top that with a positive mindset and hard work and dedication you will be all set to go.

Happy building your fortune !



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