Stumbling Blocks

I finally signed up to be a REN (Real Estate Negotiator), thought this would be an easy part time job ! Oh boy was I wrong !! The lecturers said that 70% of you will drop out by end of this year! I was like… why would anyone drop out, seems like easy money.. all you need to do was do some matching seller – buyer, owner-tenant and ta-da.

Eager to break the egg ! So on the hunt we go ….

Task 1 – Block 1

We blasted whatsapp messages to 250 owners of a condominium… message by message mind you. We got 20 listings – hurray !! All looked good and we were ready to start advertising our listing but oh no… suddenly whats up Auto Shut OFF and we couldnt get access to our whatsapp login. We were BANNED by whatsapp, it was some privacy policy where you could not message to many people who did not have your contact number saved in your phone and I have no idea how many people reported spam on our beautiful phone number …sigh.. so all was lost, photographs , information etc all in the phone and we couldnt even log in. Appealed to whats app and apologized but to no avail… and that was history.

Task 2 – Block 2

We had our first potential tenant. We went through the motions, get to know your tenant, find out what he wants, get his budget, get his details, build rapport… we nailed it all according to text book ! Arranged for several units, I think about 7 units, we did t5he shortlisting etc etc.. Cross our fingers.. almost almost closing…. Then suddenly a message came in …The words that popped in my head in a glance  “Audrey-Regret-Wife Decided on X-Sorry” …..huhuhuhuhu thats the end…..

Task 3 – Block 3

Life moves on… now our fire seemed to be growing dimmer and dimmer. So my beloved Team Leader throws us a spark of light ! Here we go again, get a tenant , arrange a viewing, decided to co-broke with another agent as she claimed to have the perfect unit. All went well till…… the viewing day ! I stopped at the guardhouse, said that I am meeting the agent for viewing, argued with the guard as he insisted that there is special instruction for that unit that no visitors allowed ! He insisted i got the wrong unit and I insisted it was right…. oh boy was I wrong again…. the co-agent was waiting at a different condo !!! My tenant already arrived.. what a chaos !The co agent was apologetic however that didnt help us… so we just had to manage the situation , proceed for the wrong viewing, lots of apologies and promises to do better.

Now at present day, we just need to sit down, reflect on all the rookie mistakes. Could they have been avoided ? I guess it could have and also we wont let the same events happen again, I guess this is what is meant that you learn from experience… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger !

Inspireal Blog by Audrey Lim



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