My New Year Resolution in 2018

This blog that I am creating today is for me to commit to myself on my new year resolutions for 2018 and to record my journey.

Here are my resolutions …

I will start a blog and I will commit to 2 articles a month. [ Update 31 Dec’17: Looks like I am doing pretty well with this, I have up to 7 articles]

I will work on passive income streams and target to make RM2,000 a month by 31 December 2018. [Update 31 Dec’17 : I subscribed to an online dropship, I have advertisements on my blog, not a cent extra in my pocket but I am sure I will make it in due time, after all its only been 2 weeks]

I will enjoy life while committing to the above. [Update 31 Dec’17: Yes I love blogging and I am on leave currently and yes it seems a lot of fun meeting new people and learning new skills]

and my journey begins from here … hope you guys will support me through, I promise to reveal the good and the bad and hope you can learn from my mistakes and ride on my successes.


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