I am Migrating to Australia from Malaysia

If you are interested to migrate to Australia, here is my step by step guide.

Disclaimer : I am no expert in this , I am just sharing my own experience and what I did.

Checking for points

Migrating to Australia is based on a point system, if you qualify then you can proceed for application.

You can search the web for Australia Point System Calculator, there are many sites that have this or you can just do a rough calculation from here, these are my points

Age (33-39) : 25 Points
English Ability ( IELTS 8 in each and every Band or equivalent) : 20 Points
Qualifications (Bachelor/Masters) : 15 Points
Work Experience (5 Years) : 10 Points [This is the Skilled Work]
Australian Qualification (2 Years Study) : 5 Points
State or Territory Nomination : 10 Points

Total Estimated Points : 85 Points

I only applied for visa subclass 489 (Temporary/Provisional Resident) as my skills did not qualify for subclass 190 (Permanent Resident)

Checking your skills

In order for you to check for your qualifications/skills, do refer to the Skilled Occupation List(SOL).If you have the necessary skills provided in the list.. Congratulations ! You are one step closer. Once this skill is identified, you will need to be assessed by the relevant authorities provided in the list. Once you qualify and your assessment is positive, you will receive a letter stating the number of years approved for the relevant skill and ta-da , you are another step ahead with points under “Work Experience”

Take your English Test

Next step is for you to sit for your English test, you can go for the following options :-

If you are interested to know , I took the PTE and aced it ! 🙂 The results came in within 24 hours although it was advised that results would be available in 5 working days.

Submit your EOI

Once completed, you will need to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) to migrate to Australia on Skill Select. After that you just need to WAIT … Basically you are waiting for an invitation to apply and once you get invited you can proceed.


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