Financial Goals

I woke up today wondering what are my financial goals. Does everyone have one or am I the only one left out as I have never been a planner and have always been just go with the tide kind of attitude.

I had lunch with some good friends and we were just joking around, when my friend Mr R said that he will have like RM500K in savings and probably RM500k in epf when he retires. He plans to live on interest alone, lets say RM60K a year. Hmm sounds like a plan..not a very good one, but was a plan.

So that brings me to the topic, whats my plan ? This is really hard for me to answer..

I need to answer these questions first…

What is my ultimate objective? By when should I achieve this? Why do I need to achieve this ? How much do I need?

After thinking long and hard…here’s my goal

To have passive income for early retirement that generates minimally RM10,000 monthly in 10 years time (Dec 2027) via property investments.”

The reason why I am choosing property is because I find it the safest type of investment and I am most familiar with it compared to other investment options although I am a finance graduate. ( Ok don’t laugh at me !)  I will get to that some other day…

Anyway I believe that everyone wants to retire early and not many actually make it happen. In order for me not to fall into the failure category, I will need to change my attitude of always going with the flow as everything will fall into place. A wise man once told me ” For things to change first I must change”. Just chant this sentence to yourself repeatedly, you will get what I mean…

I guess now, I do have better clarity of what I want . However the next steps are hard, The planning and The execution ! This time I cannot procrastinate, I need to pen down my plan and take actions !



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