Looking for business partners !

I have an amazing proposal , firstly please answer these qualifications, if its a solid YES to all then your my ideal candidate !

Are you a positive person ?

Are you self motivated ?

Are you a team player ?

Do you love money and are willing to work hard for it ?

Are you willing to do illegal things for money ?

(Just kidding, just wondering if you are still here with me)

Well if you said YES to all (minus the last question) , read on ….

The business is basically an online shop that is powered by Microsoft & Google , the website domain will be selected by yourself.

However services such as product sourcing, delivery , customer service etc will be handled by the company.

There are multiple sources of income when you are part of this company.

Basically the system pays those who have put in their efforts in growing a business, seniority does count here, it is practically 90% guaranteed that you will reap the profits. ( I minus 10% of people who still believe money will drop from the sky)

Hmm.. I seem to be going nowhere with this article..There are actually many elements to the business it its too complex to discuss in just 1 article. However I promise it is interesting, it is not a scam and anyhow you wont lose anything if you just spare 30 minutes of your time to talk to me.


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