Finally – My own online store

I finally have my own online store ! You can check it out at

If you are interested on how I got my own online shop overnight, then read on …

It was pretty simple, I was invited to a business talk and of course I was skeptical but the invitation came from a trusted source , so curiosity caught me and so I went..

Of course as anyone being invited to “business talks”, my mind was buzzing these thoughts..

They want to sell me something, must be expensive

They want me to invest money in a business, i wonder how much

They want me to buy cryptocurrency, so risky

They want me to join an MLM

Basically the skeptic in me went on and on and on but I kept an open mind as per instructed by the speaker, I actually listened but at every chance I was looking for a catch, a loop hole and there must be something wrong !! Haha so much for keeping an open mind.

Anyway, after about 1 weeks worth of deliberation , investigation and harassment for information, I finally took the plunge to join. If you are still reading this, I guess you are really interested on how I got this website.

(Cant continue, its top secret !) šŸ™‚ Just kidding… its time for me to put my kids to sleep, I will come back with more information on my next blog.







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